A Message from the President: Mid-Semester Update

The College Republicans at Texas (CR) has had a very busy semester. This semester under the new leadership, the organization has returned to hosting weekly meetings on campus.


Each meeting begins with the pledges and recurring segments known as “Member of the Week” and “Republican of the Week,” highlighting active members and candidates we feel have represented the Republican Party well through their actions. The main segment of our meeting consists of hosting speakers ranging from consultants to pollsters to elected officials, amongst these have been Representative Larry Gonzales and Comptroller Susan Combs. Afterwards we hold our “Issue of the Week,” in which the club either discusses current hot topics in politics or opts to have CR Jeopardy in which members compete in groups to answer Jeopardy style trivia from subjects ranging from politics to famous UT Alumni to questions on Olympic host cities. Meetings conclude with announcements before heading out to eat at our favorite restaurants, including Austin’s Pizza and Player’s.

Committees & Campus Activism 

This semester College Republicans re-introduced the committee system. Two of our most active committees include the Political Activist Committee (CRPAC) and Greek Outreach Committee. CRPAC has been involved in a variety of events including our Romney/Ryan phone-banking night and our National Debt Clock Project. The National Debt Clock Project has been one of our most successful projects. The committee built the debt clock using PVC pipes standing 8ft high and 24ft wide. The clock has been set up in the West Mall Rally Area on campus where we have had many opportunities to engage fellow students. We received positive reactions from many students who thanked us for our hard-work, students who wanted to take a picture in front of the structure while holding our “I can’t afford $16 trillion” sign, and professors who mentioned it to their classes by saying that it was nice to see someone caring about the debt. Negative reactions included students who gave us mean-spirited looks and eye-rolls, students who mocked the structure and mentioned we needed to embrace the debt, and students who wanted to blame it all on Bush.  The Greek Outreach Committee has worked on recruitment and looking into creating relationships between College Republicans and the Greek Community. Committee chairs have spoken to some fraternity presidents and vice presidents who have expressed interest in working with us especially on the top project the Greek Committee has of reviving the Greek Olympics. The Greek Olympics hosted by the College Republicans at Texas would be an event hosted in the spring semester in which fraternities and sororities compete in a variety of events to compete for some sort of prize.

Special Events

College Republicans have also been participating in events sponsored by Young America’s Foundation such as Never Forget 9/11 and No More Che Day. In November we plan to participate in Freedom Week in which we will have a mock wall for students to tear down. Another group we have been working with is Christians United for Israel with whom we co-sponsored their A Night to Honor Israel speaker, Holocaust survivor, Irving Roth. Lastly, CRs have participated in a variety of presidential debate watching parties especially one in coordination with the Roger Williams campaign and the Austin Young Republicans at Third Base for the VP Debate.

Even with our  busy schedule we have been able to also socialize with our members through game day tailgates and going out two-steppin’ at Midnight Rodeo.

It is safe to say that the College Republicans at Texas have been very busy being politically active, recruiting new members, and enjoying politics. We hope to continue to work hard to promote conservative principles in the future, especially during the 83rd legislative session next semester.

Thank you,

Saul Mendoza

President | College Republicans at Texas

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