Yes, We CAN Believe in America: Vote for Real Change

Governor Romney has been performing well in the polls leading up to the Election Day on Tuesday.  The Gallup poll last week from 10/22-10/28 had Romney leading Obama by five points! Governor Romney is up in Florida by 6 points according to a latest poll in the state. Romney is up slightly in Virginia. Rasmussen reports on 11/1 that Romney is tied in Ohio and Wisconsin. Rasmussen also reports a Romney lead in Colorado by 3 percentage points and Iowa by one percentage point. The latest poll in New Hampshire has Romney tied with Obama.

For more than a year and a half, young Republicans like myself have grown accustomed to hearing the inevitability of Obama winning re-election here on the UT campus. Not long ago, the Honorable Nancy Pelosi came out and smugly dismissed the chance of Mitt Romney ever winning the White House.  Well, good thing we know the former speaker doesn’t really have a track record of reading the public mood. This narrowing down in the polls speaks more to the will of the American people who are disillusioned with what they were sold in 2008 and are ready for real change.

Governor Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan bring with them an economic vision to return crucial investment and spending decisions back to the private sector and individuals, to allow for entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish, and to put trust in the ingenuity of the American people to continually innovate and create under the auspices of a free market economy.

Indeed, our country requires a government that takes pride in entrepreneurs and small business owners and not looks down upon their success. Our country requires a government that respects the principle of federalism, its inherent limits as the federal government, and states’ rights. Our country requires a government that understands that globalization and a 21st century economy invariably call for a skilled workforce and matching skills with those of our graduates. Our country requires a government that understands that spending within its means is a necessary virtue, one that budget strapped families all across the country are trying to practice on a daily basis.

The decision in this election cannot be starker. The choice cannot have a more fundamental impact on our collective trajectory. The next four years will determine whether or not America will continue to be the economic powerhouse and the Land of Opportunity for the first half of this century.  The next President will have important economic and geopolitical decisions to make here and abroad that will affect our long-term influence in the world.

We ask you to go vote this coming Tuesday for the Republican ticket, if you haven’t already done so. Information regarding how and where to vote in Travis Country can be found here. For other polling places in Texas and more information about voting, we refer you to the Secretary of State’s website.

Under four years of Barack Obama, our national debt had increased by $5.4 trillion, with trillion plus deficit under every year this President has been in office. We cannot afford four more years of failed, misguided policies of this administration. Our future depends on principled leadership based on fiscal conservatism, limited government, liberty, and the free market. We ask you to vote for change – change we can believe in.

Danny Zeng

Communications Director | College Republicans at Texas


About Danny Zeng

College student, political junkie, I like to read, and I like to learn

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