College Republicans at Texas was founded in 1950, and it is the best and oldest Party on campus. Hook’em! \m/

Our blog “The Dissent” effectively summarizes much of our sentiment toward the often “groupthink” mentality of our generation. While we think the President is a great orator and a very likable figurehead, a loving and caring father, husband and community organizer, we do not agree with his policies, his ideology, and definitely not his vision for America. We are proud of the fact that our generation could move past a darker phase of our history in electing our nation’s first African American president in 2008. Barack Obama had run a very successful and sophisticated campaign in 2008, as well as 2012. The President’s “Hope and Change” message resonated with young people four years ago; however, today, after almost five years in office, the President has failed to deliver on that essential theme of his campaign. The President has done very little for the young people during his term in office, and the future does not look so bright for young people under the policy trajectories laid out by the President. This administration had done more harms than good to minorities. Minority poverty rate had gone up in recent years. The achievement gap among different ethnicities continue to persist. This President chooses to enforce laws that he likes and ignores those he doesn’t. On the foreign policy front, America has lost prestige and respect from partners around the world, as evident in the Middle East and Asian-Pacific. Upon careful consideration, we refuse to simply fawn over President Obama and his allies in Congress, for their rhetorics to lure people into insensible, make-believe policies. We want to return the government to the side of the people. We want to reclaim the American Dream for the middle class. And we want to conserve the principles that have made America great. As such, we respectfully dissent from our peers and would fight to demand answers from this President and Congressional Democrats about their failed policies that are gradually robbing away our liberty, our standards of living, and our future.

Find out more about College Republicans at Texas from our parent website www.texascrs.com


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