What’s in this Blog?

Campus Governance

We believe that the best government is the one that governs least and is closest to the people. College Republicans at Texas strives to keep our local, campus student leaders in check by monitoring academic and student affairs that have an impact our education and our campus life. Our goal is to hold legislative students organizations and representative bodies accountable. We will use the power of the pen to uncover inconsistencies, failed campaign promises, and arrogant claims to “We the Students of the University of Texas as Austin.


Energy is the lifeblood of a healthy modern economy. Republicans are concerned about the energy future of this country. The Obama administration has been against domestic energy from the get-on. Rejecting the no-brainer Keystone Pipeline project, the Obama administration has pandered to special interests and environmental lobbyists in Washington. Blindly funding the failed green enterprise in Solyndra in pursuit of personal political agenda costed taxpayers millions of dollars. With China and India on the rise in global energy consumption, we advocate an “all of the above” comprehensive energy plan geared for 21st century U.S economy. Shale boom in recent years should be tapped to the fullest extent for job creation, community initiatives, and regional development.

Fiscal Issues

We employ a set of conservative lens when discussing these issues, and we will ground our discussion based on facts. We will uncover the Liberal progressives’ stubborn habit of tax-and-spend, failed consumptionist economic policies, and unnecessary government interventions in the market system. We at College Republicans do not naturally assume that government has a right to our money. Before any elected officials tells us how we should be “patriotic” and “pay our fair shares” of tax dollars, we demand to know exactly what they are going to do with those tax revenues. We are almost $17 trillion in debt, it’s time for young people to fight back.


Healthcare spending is more than 17% of our nation’s Gross Domestic Product. President Obama and Congressional Democrats passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in March 2010 using legislative gimmicks. Senate Democrats sneakily passed their unpopular version of the bill on Christmas Eve of 2009, knowing that the American people were not paying attention to cable news and C-SPAN because they were enjoying the holiday with their families and friends. Numerous backroom dealings and blatant favoritisms occurred throughout the process and well documented, i.e. Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase. Obamacare does little to reduce the cost of healthcare in this country. It is a trillion dollar entitlement that fuels a culture of dependency. It transfers certain medical decision power from doctors to bureaucrats. It hinders health care industries’ ability to innovate. It coerces healthy young people to purchase private insurance. It greatly expands on the federal government’s taxing power. And it is not the “universal health care” as promised by candidate Obama, as more than 30 million people will still be uninsured.


America is a nation of immigrants. We have a proud tradition of immigration. People of diverse countries of origin have contributed vastly to the American society. The Republican Party wants to sustain that tradition by supporting legal immigration, border security, and sensible immigration reform. We do not condemn undocumented people as illegal, but rather, we think illegal immigration, the act, is an offense against the law of the land. We want to have constructive conversations on how to tackle illegal immigration, without sacrificing our security, rule of law, prosperity, and our proud tradition as a country of immigrants.

K-12/Higher Ed

The Achievement Gap is real for minorities. Teachers’ unions are undermining the long-term health of our education system. Bad teachers are keeping kids in poor neighborhoods from achieving. Instead of throwing money at the problem and keeping underachieving students tied to the bad public schools in their neighborhoods, we want to advocate school choice for parents, and alternative ways of learning.

As for higher education, America is proud to have some of the best institutions of higher learning the world has ever seen. Because of our stellar higher education system, public and private, we are able to attract world’s best talents to our country. However, college has become a panacea for politicians these days to address real economic problems. More than half of the college graduates in 2011 were either unemployed or underemployed. About a third of college graduates graduate with no discernible improvements in foundational reading and writing skills. And about 27% of UT students on average fail to graduate within six years. On top of these dismal statistics, tuition has been skyrocketing, and more and more students from lower income, working class families are being priced out of the college market. All of these factors beg the question whether a four-year degree is truly in students’ best interest? Lawmakers and university officials need to address the debate openly and honestly instead of dodging behind a false shield of preserving “quality.” There is much innovation to be done for our educational systems, and we need to be creative in addressing the educational needs of all students.


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